client characteristics: 
NVISION is a creative Arch Viz studio based in Lublin, Poland

brand name meaning: 
NVISION comes from the verb to envision, which means to visualize or to imagine. The first letter N also stands for neo / new 

Arch Viz is about defining an imaginary space. It is a phenomenon in which flat images become spatial and almost tangible. That is the essence of brand identity project for NVISION. In the design of the logo the goal was to get a 3D effect in 2D space using only simple shapes and the light between them. The signet is based on the shape of first letter of the brand name. It is complemented by geometric typeface including vertical elements whose width is reflected in the lights of the signet. The color palette is only black & white but varied by the use of different textures which refers to architectural finishes. ​​​​​​​

visual identity design: kacper kruszewski
3d rendering: kacper kruszewski

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